Past Performance

Global Tel

Installed an inmate wireless system throughout a 15 building campus.
Connected all buildings via single mode fiber and Cat6 cabling.
Managed the daily activities of multiple electrical contractors.
Designed and installed the inmate visitation system.
Rolled out 600 new tablets for the campus.

  • Contract ID: CAR 3520
  • Start Date: 2020-05-04
  • End Date: 2020-07-15
  • Value: $340,162
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

St. Joseph County, IN

Install and test the infrastructure needed to support WiFi throughout the facility including Cat6 cable, conduit, and electrical.
Install wireless access points, tablets, monitoring station, and video visitation units.
Install needed hardware within the MDF to support new wireless system.
Build new IDF's within facility and certify the results of testing.

  • Contract ID: Barb Gunn
  • Start Date: 2020-10-05
  • End Date: 2020-11-13
  • Value: $83,733
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request